Secure payment

Our payment partner

We pretty much are huge fans of Payfast. We think they are a great bunch of people, hey its why we use them... Right? So here's the great thing, none of your data is stored on our server besides your name, delivery address and prefered method of payment. All transactions are stored directly with PayFast's secure server.

Want to read up more about their security? Check out what they have to say about their security themselves:

PayFast Security

Using Visa/Mastercard/PayFast

Payfast uses multiple payment methods. Credit Card, Debit Card, BitCoin, Masterpass and a few more. So Once you are registered with them, you can use PayFast to pa so many great suppliers using any form of payment that's comfortable to you.

Know More

If you want to know more, or want a different method of payment, give us a call or visit our contact page for more contacting methods.

Payfast payment methods